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My activity as a scholar, writer, and artist takes many forms. My scholarship focuses on issues of visual knowledge production, with an emphasis on visual forms of language as well as graphic communication. My creative practice includes my own editioned artist's books as well as work published by others. My graphic art engages with organic materials, the aesthetics of decay, and conceptual projects. My full corpus includes a wide variety of projects, performances, installations, and exhibitions as well as publications, lectures, and teaching.


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An intellectual history from antiquity to the present that tracks knowledge about the origin and development of the alphabet. University of Chicago Press, 2022.


Ongoing project about all the books I never wrote or wrote and never published. The drawing is from an unpublished 1973 project titled Oh Oh: The post-non-Euclidean child.

Artist's Books Digitized

Collaborative artists' book made with painter, Susan Bee. Irreverent fairy tales for future and present explorers of the off-world. Third in the series of collaborations with Bee. Litmus Press, 2020.

Other Publications

An eco-fiction in which the traits of humans drift downward and influence animal behaviors. A fantasy about the effects of climate change. Three Rooms Press, 2018.

Graphic Work

Visual works from my earliest drawings of organic entities, through studies of natural processes or emergence and decay. Current and ongoing paintings of dirt.


Image from unpublished work Combo Meals.

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