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My activity as a scholar, writer, and artist takes many forms. My scholarship focuses on issues of visual knowledge production, with an emphasis on visual forms of language as well as graphic communication. My creative practice includes my own editioned artist's books as well as work published by others. My graphic art engages with organic materials, the aesthetics of decay, and conceptual projects. My full corpus includes a wide variety of projects, performances, installations, and exhibitions as well as publications, lectures, and teaching.

Johanna Drucker Inventing the Alphabet (2022) cover
History of the/my World, (1990) page detail: Red, pin-up style illustration of a drum majorette surrounded by black and red text: ...beginning was the world, nursed on the warm breast of chaos fast following a night of hard publicity...Genetics produced the fullness thereof and a new...initial explosion, making light into a face swaddled in warmth and...
 Johanna Drucker drawing of a cracked walnut shell, ink on paper