Johanna Drucker's Artist Books
An online repository of facsimiles, metadata, and commentary


This site contains images, metadata commentary, and downloadable PDFs of artist's books made by Johanna Drucker beginning in 1972. A handful of the titles are collaborations with Emily McVarish, Brad Freeman, and Susan Bee, and are identified as such.

These materials were part of the larger ArtistsBooksOnline project that went defunct around 2020. That project had the goal of creating metadata that would make features of book art apparent in description. Production methods, inspiration, critical issues and themes of the books are described as well. The metadata fields were designed to show how the formal, aesthetic, and conceptual features of a book work together. Input on the metadata came from a committee of librarians, cataloguers, artists, and curators knowledgeable in the field. The first ABsOnline had works by many artists, digitized and uploaded with their consent. The decision to focus on my own books in this revived version is a matter of expediency and practicality.

The scans and digitization were originally done at the University of Virginia between 2004 and 2008. Annie Schütte, Eric Rettberg, and other student workers did much of the infrastructure design, implementation, and scanning. Some of the metadata retains the author attributes from these contributors. All of the rest of the material is by me. The remediated site was designed and implemented by Julia LS.

All material is protected by copyright under a CC BY license (use with proper citation). Publication or citation for scholarly or critical purposes is permitted, notification to the artist is appreciated: