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  Scholarly/Critical Books

Graphesis: The Visual Production of Knowledge in a Digital Era, under contract (Harvard University Press, anticipated publication date Fall 2013).

What Is? (A Letter, Writing, A document, Graphic about Graphic Textuality, etc.), (Cuneiform Press, forthcoming January 2013)

Druckworks: 40 Years of Books and Projects, exhibition catalogue for retrospective, (Epicenter Press, Columbia College, Chicago, 2012)

Digital_Humanities, with Anne Burdick, Todd Presner, Peter Lunenfeld, and Jeffrey Schnapp (forthcoming, MIT Press, 2012)

Le Petit Journal des Refusées, critical edition (Rice University Press, 2009)

SpecLab: Digital Aesthetics and Speculative Computing, (University of Chicago Press, 2008)

Graphic Design History: A Critical Guide, with Emily McVarish, (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2008)
--- Second edition, revised, with new chapter on "Globalisation." (2012)

Sweet Dreams: Contemporary Art and Complicity (University of Chicago Press, 2005)

Figuring the Word: Essays on Books, Writing, and Visual Poetics (Granary Books, 1998)

The Century of Artists' Books (Granary Books,1995)
----. , 2nd ed., Intro. by Holland Cotter, (Granary Books, 2004)

The Alphabetic Labyrinth: The Letters in History and Imagination (Thames and Hudson, Spring 1995)(Italian translation, 2001) Catalan translation, 2001

The Visible Word: Experimental Typography and Modern Art (The University of Chicago Press, Spring 1994) (paperback, Fall 1996)

Theorizing Modernism: Visual Art and the Critical Tradition (Columbia University Press, Summer 1994) (paperback, Spring 1996)

Edited Books:

Experimental — Visual — Concrete: Avant-Garde Poetry Since the 1960s, co-edited by Eric Vos, K. David Jackson, and Johanna Drucker; Avant-Garde Critical Studies #10, Rodopi, Atlanta and Amsterdam, 1996; includes "Experimental, Visual, and Concrete Poetry: A Note on Historical Context and Basic Concepts," pp.39-61.

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